It’s A Privacy Policy Page

I know, I know, another privacy policy page. I get it. We’ve all seen them, we all probably skim them. It’s fine. I’m fine.


While I am not here to drone on about things and bury important information in technical dribble, I still want to talk about the critical issues.

Your privacy is safe here.

If you sign up for my email list with your email address, that’s awesome! I use that information to send emails to your inbox about my latest blogs and offers. I will not sell your email to anyone, and you can unsubscribe from my emails at any time at the bottom of any email I send you.

I use some tracking sites like Google Analytics and the analytics tab provided by Squarespace. These analytics sites do give me some information about you like your IP address, location, gender (if Google knows it), age, etc. I don’t use this information to track you down. I use it to create a better profile of my audience so I can serve you and your needs better. These sites may employ cookies on your computer (not the Sesame Street kind!) Cookies help companies like Squarespace and Google Analytics track my website visitors for a more extended period.

If you comment on my website, I have the right to use those comments in subsequent blog posts or feature comments on various pages of my site. I don’t plan to do anything weird with your comments. I just want everyone to know what excellent customers I have.